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Soft lines, retrò-style designs and high quality gems are just the main features of Scala jewels, witnesses of a Made in Italy entirely handmade.
Skilled goldsmiths and fancifull stones engravers work in team to make real the creative visions of Eduardo Scala, the company's founder, Caterina, his wife, and Luca, Daniele and Alessandro his children.
While more and more firms use every sort of machines to speed up the production time and provide reproducible products, our jewelers still conceive and realize by hand precious jewels which make a woman feel so special as the unique joys she chosen to wear.
From over 30 years, in fact, Scala Gioielli continues a centuries-old tradition producing handmade jewelry. Its wonders transcend time and space, charming every audience with their originality and uniqueness.

Scala Gioielli Collections

Coral, gold, opals, huge aquamarines, ebony mixed in originals gold creations in the total respect of the great and old neapolitan tradiction.

Scala Gioielli Rassegna Stampa

The press release of Scala Gioielli & Figli Srl

Scala Gioielli Fairs

Our fairs and expositions. For any information on our colllection, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be pleased to help you.

Scala Gioielli Azienda

Our laboratory, center of every commercial and creative activity. 100% made in Italy.